Current Obsessions

Maybe some aren’t so current. I just want to talk about things I love/can’t stop thinking about. I just feel like I have the best taste in everything, and like I’ve said before…my opinion is the only one that matters, AMIRITE!?

But really I just wanted to share/shove down your throat what I enjoy….

Childish Gambino/Donald Glover/Donglover: I’ve been a huge Donald Glover fan for forever(that girl). I became a Childish Gambino fan a few years ago and to me he’s everything. His stand-up had me in tears, his albums had me thinking my little white/arab self had rhythm(I DON’T), and his acting and writing talents are off the charts(come back to community I miss you boo). I’ve been seeing Childish Gambino everywhere and I want people to know this dude’s talent goes above and beyond just rapping. But I can’t stop saying “Silver spoon cool, Hoe”.

Bdg Jeans– If  I could wear my Bdg Jeans everyday I would. They are the bee’s knees. As a girl who is only 5’2(5’1) I have the worst time finding jeans that don’t make me look like I have Mr. Krab’s itty bitty legs. So I recommend these jeans to anyone and everyone…when they are on

Wild belle– I recently got hooked on Wild Belle, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon them but I’m glad I did. Incredible band. My top three songs: Keep you, Love like this, and Another girl. They are mellow and the lyrics are dope(sorry for using dope). and THE LEAD IS A FEMALE! So even better. Go iTunes them right now, k?


Parenthood– My best friend has been screaming at me to watch Parenthood and I finally did, I can’t stop. I cry every episode, and I pride myself on being a hardass. The writing and characters are unbelievable. If it gets cancelled I’m going lose my mind. OH, Mae Whitman has the best brows out there.


Kanye– I have never been a Kanye fan. I want nothing to do with the Kardashians, well maybe except Khloe, She isn’t so terrible. He is a creative soul and as a girl who thinks she’s creative, I can get onboard. His music is good, no doubt, I can’t say the same with his leather jogging pants(like, for real?). But I’ve found my self countless amounts of times trying to nail every word in black skinhead. And my Kanye Pandora is on whenever I’m walking through campus trying to avoid everyone.

Snapchat– New to the snapchat. Don’t know how to do those big ass white letters yet but I am still obsessed. I mean cmon, limiting the amount of time someone can see this beautiful mug is a dream come true. So thanks guys who created snapchat, now all the dudes I’ve had a crush on won’t think I’m such a creep sending a picture of myself with full hair and makeup “trying” to be ugly so they think I’m a “cool gurl”. Bravo.


Waze– ohhhh shiiiiiit. If you drive you need Waze. I’m a speeder, but I’m also terrified of getting pulled over(I’m still a safe driver…), Waze is a phone app that locates where you are and other wazers around and you can send/see alerts. Like is the cops are sitting and waiting to pull you over, or if there is traffic. It’s honestly the best thing to ever happen to me, besides dry shampoo and brownies.

Texas State University– That’s where I go to school. I just transferred last fall. I came into that school thinking “This is a horrid place full of Polo and Nike shorts”, I mean it is full of those things, but dammit this place is beautiful. Everyone there is beautiful, it’s gross. I find myself wanting to be decked out in maroon and gold. It’s a disease.


Vinyl– I’m currently addicted to buying records, not cool records like a random country duo from the 60’s but like my last purchase was Arctic Monkeys(Kickass album btw) so I’m a poser(is that word still relevant???). I really like my little blue crosley record player more than I like most humans.

BIKING!!- I’ve been trying to shape up and I didn’t want to run, running is the hitler of the working out. I fucking hate it. It’s the worst. And i don’t want to be muscular at all no matter how many pictures of buff women pinterest shows me. So I bought a bike, I do a few miles everyday and it’s enough to convince me I’m not completely out of shape. I pop my headphones on and spottily the shit out of an hour bike ride. It’s like a free therapy session every ride.

Trophy Wife– HILARIOUS. Bradley Whitford, I don’t need to say anything else. ANOTHER SEASON PLZZZZ.


Cats– Forever and Always.


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