Me, Myself, and Irony.

I feel like talking about myself today, mainly because I’m broke and can’t even afford to walk out the door today and I’m one episode of futurama away from banging my head into the wall. I should work out or something productive…but noooo. I’d rather let everyone know what I think about Kristen Stewart and cats.( I really do love my girl Kstew, serious girl crush)

  • I’m 23 and really have no idea what I want to do in life– besides make people laugh. I really like to do that. I’m still in college and have no idea when I’ll be done(TEXAS STATE CLASS OF: YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE).restaurant life channing tatum gif
  • I’m an introvert. I like to be alone, a lot. This doesn’t mean I don’t like to go out…because I do(I need a night out asap #cryforhelp). I get nervous in crowds, don’t like public speaking, AT ALL, serious case of resting bitch face, and group projects in school are a nightmare for me.And the fear that by doing so, you're slowly turning into a hermit...
  • I don’t believe in “God”. I believe in the universe and I believe in George Carlin. I believe there is something bigger than me out there but I don’t believe it’s a man in the sky who lets cancer and Justin Bieber be a thing(my apologies for that, that was rude) I don’t want to offend here, maybe one day I’ll do a post just about my non-believing, but like i said I just want to make people laugh so…Is there a religion where I can pray to the two people who made the Hemsworth brothers??liam hemsworth gif | Tumblr
  • I  am obsessed with comedy.  Stand up specials, movies, podcasts, sit-coms. Basically anything involving comedians. I always wanted to try to do stand up or write, but again, public speaking fear (I’m a puss). I recommend listening to Nerdist Podcast and You made it weird with Pete Holmes, oh and Doug loves movies. Those podcasts get me through my commute to school.the pete holmes show allison williams gif
  • I’m half Syrian. My dad is from Syria, we have the nose to prove it. I’ve always liked being middle eastern(even after 9/11), made me different from everyone growing up. My grandmother is still there, and I would love to visit someday. but never flown too scurred.


  • I want to travel sooooooo bad. But Like stated above, HUGE PUSS. I’ve never flown but I’m suffering from wanderlust really badly. Is there a cure? Someone give me a push and travel with me. But not too big of a push, I’ll cry.


  • I fucking love cats. I mean LOVE them. I have two, Torres, named after his father Fernando Torres, and Pawly. Lights of my life. I’m not sure if being a cat person is hereditary but everyone on my dad’s side of the family is obsessed with cats. I like dogs too, but I’m seriously too lazy for a dog, It takes a lot for me to feed and bathe myself so no way I could help a dog live too.



  • I’m not sure if I ever want to get married. My parents aren’t married and my sisters and their baby daddies aren’t married and they all seem happy enough. This isn’t to say it’s not in the cards(Robert Pattinson if you’re reading this, yes I’ll marry you) it’s just right now it’s not for me.


  • I cuss a lot, I mean a lot. My favorites are Fuck and Cunt (NO ONE TELL MY DAD) My entire family have mouths like sailors, we’re proud of it. My mom once said a full sentence with nothing but cuss words. She’s lovely.



  • I’m not as terrible as I seem from this blog.



I can’t think of anything else to say, so this is where I click over tabs and finish binge watching The League. K, Bye.Bye-Bye-Bye-NSYNC-Dance-Gif

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