Girl’s girl.

In my intro to pop culture class(of course I’d take this class) we watched Miss Representation, and it really struck a nerve. After watching it I knew immediately I needed to do a post with my sick sense of humor and strong opinions about how women are treated in media/life and how we treat ourselves. This is not to say that men are treated unfairly in certain aspects in life but I’m a lady girl and I know first hand how terrible we get treated by each other, the media, guys, and by ourselves.

|| click here for mean girls stuff ||I’m extremely guilty of feeling a little tinge of happiness when I see that one of my old high school classmates has gained weight. And that’s not okay. That’s the problem, female competition. I shouldn’t be happy that another girl is probably unhappy with her body. This whole finding comfort in another girls pain needs to stop. We ladiez need to stick together more than ever. I’m not sure if I can blame it all on the media that us ladiez are always trying to outdo each other instead of build each other up. I really have been guilty of this, and I’m ashamed. After being in my teens and being in a relationshit where I was always getting cheated on (any dude tries that shit now and i’ll cut em…loose) I was so insecure and always comparing myself to other girls, still do. While that sucked, I’m older now and realize it wasn’t all the dudes fault(only most), there were girls telling him yes. SOOO, How about we all take a stand and if any guy in a relationshit that tries to cheat with you let’s just give em a swift kick to the..ego..and say no, we don’t need to do that to each other. I do understand that there are assholes out there but let’s not rip another girl apart if she isn’t one. (No one likes assholes and assholes deserve nothing.)|| click here for mean girls stuff ||Another important issue is that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Every time I look in a mirror I think about how better looking i’d be if I had a smaller nose or thinner thighs. I’ve said some really terrible things about myself. One of my favorite comedians, Nick Kroll, said on one of my favorite podcasts(Nerdist podcast) “If you said the things that you say to yourself about other people, you’d be like you’re a fucking monster” It was brilliant. I never once thought about how awful the things are that I say to myself. It made me honestly question how good of a person am I if I don’t even treat myself with respect? (And I think I’m awesome). So, I just wanted to give myself and other girls like me a push in the right direction, Gloria Steinem style.

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1.” Stop calling each other sluts and whores“. As long as you’re not sleeping with taken/married men or doing anything dangerous and being safe, who cares how many people you sleep with? That’s your Prerogative (The Britney version).
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2. Build each other up and not down. Don’t find happiness in someone else’s pain. Like I said, I’m extremely guilty of this one, it’s a hard habit to break(especially when there is a girl who posts 5 selfies a day, sometimes they are four selfies at a time)((SEE IM DOING IT NOW)).
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3. Don’t watch/be on the bachelor. Worst thing to ever happen to women since cupcakes. How degrading is it to put yourself on a show where some dude dates you and 20 of your roommates meanwhile the producers are trying to figure out if you’re going to be “the bitch”  or the “dumb blonde”? Sure I watch real housewives but that’s not them acting like their are in the hunger games but instead of getting to keep your life you get some guy who pretends he can’t speak english to cover up his bigotry.( I’M LOOKING AT YOU JUAN-PABLO). It’s just a sham(e).

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4. If you see a girl who looks gorgeous instead of being jealous(guilty, again) give her a compliment, and ask her where she got her shoes. My favorite compliments have come from other girls and I’m not talking about the typical “OMG You’re beautiful i meeees uu” instagram comment, I mean just having a girl stop me to tell me she likes my hair can change my day. You know if a random girl gives you a compliment it must be true, if some guy tells me I look pretty I wouldn’t believe him if he had a gun to his head.
Mean Girls GIF Regina George Rachel McAdams You Think You're Really Pretty

5. Don’t be afraid of a woman leader, we all know Hilary is the bees knees but people attacking her for her cankles(got those too, Hil) instead of praising her for her vast knowledge of…. most likely everything. More women need to be bosses! Not all women bosses are like Sandra Bullock in the proposal i.e a “hardcore bitch”(no clue if i used “i.e” right), so don’t think small, go run a business and if Ryan Reynolds happens to fall in love withyou.. trick him into marrying you.Biatch Lindsay Lohan animated GIF

6. Lena Dunham. Mindy Kaling. Amy Poehler. Tina Fey. These women are the women of our lifetime. Love them, honor them, watch their respective tv shows so they won’t get cancelled because I love them all so much (Tina come back). They are strong beautiful women of different sizes, races, and backgrounds who are breaking down doors for women and deserve to be looked up too. AND BEYONCE I FORGOT BEYONCE, brb going to try and move this rock I’m stuck under.

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7. LOVE THYSELF. I want to one day be in a place where I can look in a mirror and be okay with not having an inner thigh gap and having my dad’s syrian nose. So let’s all make a pledge that when we look in a mirror we see the good in ourselves, outer beauty and inner beauty! Stop saying shitty things about yourself , stop wishing you had bigger lips or fuller hair. (I mean if i weren’t afraid of needles I would’ve had my lips injected by now, oh yeah and I am okay with plastic surgery if its for the right reasons). It’s going to be tough but let’s try not to belittle ourselves… Be-you-tiful….too much?.. Cliche quotes were never my thing(neither are snapbacks but I still wear ’em).
Mean Girls GIF Kevin G Don't Let The Haters Stop You From Doing Your Thang

8. Don’t ever let any dude treat you like anything less than perfect. If you aren’t being treated like an equal move on to the next or don’t, be single. Just don’t let any guy (or girl, I love the gays) make you feel like you aren’t good enough because more than likely you’re too good.
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9. Repeat steps 1-8. (5. make you fall in love with me, If ever I believe my work is doooone then I start back at oooone)

DISCLAIMER: This is no way means  that I’m going to stop calling out assholes, like I said above, assholes deserve nothing. If a female happens to be an asshole I’m not going to do any of my above steps for her. Unless you have on cool shoes and I want to know where you got them, other than that you don’t deserve my steps!!!

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