Being Liberal(ish)

I know you’re never supposed to talk about 3 topics: Money(i think?), Religion, and whoever Harry Styles is dating… I mean Politics. But I have seen enough posts on my Facebook feed containing the word “libtard”, which is a morally disgusting word, to throw caution to the wind and do this.
I want to start off by saying Party affiliation is for the birds, but my moral values tend to sway very left. SIDEBAR: This doesn’t mean I will always vote democrat, I will vote with what I think is best. But back to business, It’s really hard living in a town that around election time had their front yards littered with Romney/Ryan signs when I was an Obama supporter(I’m a little mad at him right now). I have butt heads with a handful of family members that I do look up too about a lot of these issues, and it was hard to get my voice loud enough in those types of arguments. So, I just want to share my opinions on MY blog about the social issues and why I feel this way. BECAUSE MY OPINION IN THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS…AMIRITE?

Gay Marriage
Hot button issue for me… Gay Marriage shouldn’t be a thing..because it should just be MARRIAGE. I am extremely passionate about this topic. I have gotten into many arguments about gay marriage. I honestly believe that if Gay people want to get married and be miserable like everyone else..let them. Gay’s wouldn’t ruin the sanctity of marriage they will probably just revamp it with some accessories and make it better like everything else. Divorce ruins marriage not two people in love. I don’t want to hear that it should be illegal from anymore of my church going peers who have had premarital sex, which is all of them(not judging, obvs), the picking and choosing kills me. I whole heartedly support same sex marriage, I also support marriage between me and Robert Pattinson.

 Women’s Rights
It really, If I may quote THE Peter Griffin, grinds my gears that ANY man wants to take away a woman’s rights because THEY think it’s best. Until you are keeled over at least one day a month in pain feeling like someone is inside your uterus twisting whatever is in there(I’m not a doctor, geez) than I don’t want you telling me what to do with MY body. I feel like Planned Parenthood was such a good institution for women and now thanks to Texas Republicans a lot of women of my great state are robbed of healthcare and even yes smishsmortions by forcing PP to close, I’m clearly pro-choice but even if you aren’t, the closing of PP is a travesty for women in Texas.  That being said WENDY DAVIS FOR GOVERNOR/QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE.

 Gun Control
Okay, this is touchy. I sway a tad bit, I feel like in this day in age you need something to protect you and your family(The world is sketchy AF). As a 5’2(5’1) tiny female I don’t really have the size to protect myself so a gun would really come in handy on all my late night dark alley walks…but I don’t need an AR-15. I believe any SANE adult can own a gun, I’m hinting at a more in-depth background check here. And no one should be allowed to sell guns over craigslist, that’s irresponsible and stupid. If stricter laws can save even one life, it’s worth it.

Religion & Government
I’ve said in a previous post that I am an atheist/mostly agnostic (I don’t sacrifice cats, I worship them,duh) so I’m one of those “separation of church and state” freaks. I don’t care if kids say “in one nation under god” in class but I do care when my rights as a woman are infringed upon because some old guy in congress read in the bible that it’s wrong to take birth control. I do fully believe you have every right to freely talk about your religion but please don’t shove it down my throat(THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID) or incorporate in federal law. That last sentence might not make sense but I really wanted to say it so I could pull a Michael Scott reference.

If I have to see one more guy wearing camo in his profile picture talk about how drug testing needs to be implemented in the welfare system I am going to lose my mind as if Harry Styles told me he loves me. I had to draw up a mock drug testing bill in one of my gov classes and the drug testing results always came back ineffective and more expensive for tax payers. If you can find another way to perfect the system other than yelling about it on a vaguely racist Facebook status, I’m all for it. Welfare is an important safety net and shouldn’t be stopped because there is a few bad apples abusing the system.

Legalization of Marijuana
Just legalize it already. I don’t do drugs.. I’m too lazy. However, I think weed is a miracle drug and shouldn’t be used to ruin clean criminal records. But make it illegal for people to instagram pictures of it, DaTs dA shyt I doN’t lyKe.

Global warming

It’s fucking real.

Those are the only issues I am FULLY educated enough on to give my bitchy opinion. I’m not sure why I reference my Facebook so much, oh yes I do, it’s littered with “conservatives” (SOME millennials who think they are republicans because they don’t want their guns taken by a black president). DISCLAIMER: that does not apply to all real true conservatives, I have some lovely republican FB friends whose opinions and beliefs I respect and adore for their strong stance and knowledge. It’s just those people who like duck dynasty that I don’t care for.(I’m an asshole).


Here’s a little extra:

3 responses to “Being Liberal(ish)

  1. Great blog and I plan to refer to your blog often for inspiration for some of my own posts on my own blog. Please keep up the great work. I like the concise and clear manner in which you write. This blog of yours is just ideal. Glad I found it. Good luck at college. I sense that whatever you do you will be very successful. The first thing I read and liked on your blog was “Being Liberal (ish). I was wondering if that if your animated photo on that post? Best Regards, John at “American Liberal Times.”

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! but I’m having an off day and don’t really understand what you’re asking about the animated photo? but again, seriously, thank you so much.

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