My kind of oscar predictions.

I’ve only seen three of the movies up for best picture because I’m a broke college student and can’t go to the movies/no one else likes going to the movies as much as I do and I can’t bring myself to go alone. OH and I definitely DID NOT illegally watch these movies. I promise.

The Wolf of Wall street

Holy Shit. I loved this movie. I’m a huge Scorsese fan. The Departed, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, Raging Bull, Taxi driver…. that man can do no wrong. And this movie is in true Scorsese fashion with its long drawn out scenes, graphic nature, just being kickass. This Movie is about a smart skeezy stock broker who made millions and got power hungry and eventually got busted. Leonardo DiCaprio nailed it as Jordan Belfort. Poor guy did so good and the odds are never in his favor for best actor, I want him to win so badly. He had me rooting for this asshole, and seeing him wrestle with Jonah Hill was everything. and Margot Robbie is a smokeshow(bitch), SHE’S 23! I’M 23 WHY CAN’T I LOOK LIKE HER!?!?!? And her acting was really good too, her accent was purrfection. Now, to Jonah Hill, I absolutely hated his character. I hope wherever that guy is in real life is suffering from severe back pain. But Jonah Hill was brilliant, he has come a long way from Superbad. I have never in my life done (real) drugs, but I also have never in my life wanted to do cocaine and Loodes as bad as I did watching that movie (Don’t worry I won’t). I believe that this flick was entirely too long and too great.

American Hustle

Well, well, well, I’m a big David O. Russell fan. Mostly because I saw the video of him call Lily Tomlin A cunt(I in no way am supporting his berating of her, Cunt is just my favorite word) And, I heart Huckabees and Silver Linings Playbook are so so good. American Hustle is about two scam artists who get pinched(mobster word) and had to turn into informants for Bradley Cooper and things go horribly wrong. I love Batman in this movie, even overweight and balding I still had Dark Knight flashbacks and want to have his kids, he was very very good, he always is. I was rooting for his sketchy character(I keep rooting for the horrible people in films, I need to take a good hard look in the mirror). I have never liked Amy Adams, I’m not sure why I just couldn’t stand seeing her in a film(I’m sure she is a lovely person) and I still can’t but she was bearable in this movie, and I can see why she is up for Best Actress. Now, my wannabe best friend/girl crush JLaw(greatest person on earth) She was fan-fucking-tastic (OF COURSE) as Christian Bale’s wife in this flick. She is the bees knees at everything she does, rooting for her to win all the oscars. All of them. Bradley Cooper was good. I don’t have a big opinion on him. His face is crooked and I can’t get passed that. But he rocks nonetheless. Oh, and Jeremy Renner did not disappoint.
bottomline: It was not as good as Silver Linings, but It was still very good. And Jennifer Lawrence is stlll the best ever.


I don’t have much experience with Spike Jonze(Not Spike JONES) but when he won at the golden globes I wanted to hug him, he’s adorable. I also saw Her after the Golden Globes so I guess I went into Her(LOL) already loving it. (LOL). Her is about a man going through a divorce who falls in love with his computer which is a very intelligent operating system. This movie was eye opening. I love my phone but I’m not lonely enough to fall in love with Siri. It’s kind of frightening that this could one day be a reality. The Operating system, Samantha, is voiced by Scarlett Johansson and I think I’m going to start smoking cigarettes so I can get a raspy Scarlett voice. Her voice is sexy(that word sucks but that’s the only way to describe it). Joaquin Phoenix plays the poor soul who is being divorced by the girl with the dragon tattoo, and he is torn up about it, and he portrays that so beautifully, we’ve all been through break ups and so you can relate to his pain on another level. It is really hard to describe this movie because its premise is so different from any other movie and the way this movie is shot is stunning. I can just say this movie touched me and scared the shit out of me. Made me want to put down my phone and interact with humans…which I’m guessing was the point. And I hope those pants never catch on.
Bottom line: Worth the money(Bandwidth), very original and beautiful.

My choice after seeing these three films: I DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD!!!!

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