10 actual things to do before getting married at 23.

I am straying from my normal posts about movies to give you a buzzfeed type list after seeing the battling of the two blog posts about being married and not getting married. I am 23 and I’m obviously #teamdontgetmarriedbefore30. But I did get the gist of the married broad’s post and I feel for her, even though she had a bitchy attitude I can only marvel at.
I, as a self titled modern “woman”, do not want to get married before 30 or even ever. Sure, the idea of wearing a pretty dress my dad can barely afford excites the hell out of me, and yeah, okay, growing old and wrinkly with someone sounds nice too. But at 23, It’s not for me. AND don’t get me started on those miniature nightmare monsters aka kids. I’m an aunt and that’s more than enough. Here is my take on all this married nonsense with a list, and gifs of movies and tv shows…to keep to my blog theme.

1. Just don’t get married at 23.

if Kim Kardashian has taught me anything, besides you can get famous for having no talent, it’s that marriage isn’t for everyone, especially not 23 year olds.

2. Find yourself. Or try too at least.

I have no clue who the fuck I am, At 23, I barely know what size bra I wear let alone who I want to spend the rest of my boring life with. So go figure out who you are and then settle down…if thats your thing.

3. Binge watch at least 5 Netflix series.
You haven’t lived fully yet if you haven’t watched the entire series of Breaking Bad in less than 4 days. So watch at least 5 series before you let anyone tie you down only to do their laundry every day. THIS IS A MUST. If you can’t quote breaking bad or game of thrones… move the fuck  on.

4. Pick up a hobby.

Any hobby, except cooking meth. Find something you love doing so that when you are married and hate your spouse you can escape and…I don’t know.. knit? craft? cosplay??


I’m currently suffering from wanderlust and I can only dream of getting enough money and courage to board a plane (NEVER FLOWN BEFORE)  and explore this beautiful planet. But I feel like this is necessary for anyone…learn to appreciate nature and all it’s creatures (except bitch ass spiders).


Be as selfish as possible for as long as you can. Spoil yourself. Spoil yourself with clothes, trips, jewels or spoil yourself with happiness by helping others… just TREAT YO SELF.

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7. Find religion…. or don’t.

If you already have your religion, purrrfect, cross(get it?) this off the list. I, myself, am an atheist(not a weird one) but I am a firm believer in the freedom to believe in whatever you want or in my case, not too. Go have a spiritual journey…you deserve it. Religion is a beautiful thing. -Just don’t use it as an excuse to hate my beloved gays.

8. Make as many forgivable mistakes as possible.

Now is the time to make mistakes, no one forgives you when “you’re old enough to know better” so make as many forgivable(we’re not talking grand theft auto) mistakes while you’re young enough to blame it on being in your 20’s.


Be in your 20’s. I mean BE THERE, not in your phone or computer(guilty). Have fun before you start having real adult problems like back pains, wrinkles, and paying for someone else’s college tuition(hopefully yours will be paid off by then). Just HAVE FUN & Be fucking fabulous.

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You want to get married young…get married young. You want to be single…be. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing,  Shit, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, I know I like cats but that’s about it. I don’t want to be another cynic telling people marriage isn’t fit for the young, if you found the ONE, tie that shit down. I’d tie down Harry Styles if I could. And to the people like me who aren’t ready or mature enough(I still laugh when people say “duty”) to settle down… go live your life however YOU want, just don’t do anything illegal, or be an asshole. No one likes an asshole.

To everyone: JUST BE HAPPY. 

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